Thank you to everyone who voted this year for climate action! Some of the results are in, and we wanted to announce one thing we're excited about:


Portlanders voted YES on the City Charter Reform Measure 26-228!

Victory declared for the City Charter Reform Measure 26-228! Portlanders voted YES for a city that works for EVERYONE. THANK YOU to the Portland United for Change coalition and all those who knocked doors, volunteered, and organized for this win.

Graphic with yellow and green background. Top of image shows two megaphones and reads: We Won! Below it reads: Victory declared for the City Charter Reform Measure 228. Thank you to everyone who voted, knocked doors, and organized to get this reform measure passed! At bottom of image, there are arrows pointing to text that reads: Next up, let's get climate justice written into the new City Charter!

What this means for Portland:

✔️ Ranked choice voting in elections for mayor, auditor and city council
✔️ Creation of four City Council districts with three representatives each
✔️ Appointment of a professional city administrator to manage all city services

This is a turning point in our history. This win will shape how our City will tackle key problems — from racial injustice to the climate crisis — for the next decade. We’re so proud to have been a part of the historic Portland United for Change coalition, joining civic groups, labor unions, political scientists, small businesses, and communities from all walks of life to build a brighter future for our city.


Our work isn't done. Let's make sure the new City Charter prioritizes climate and environmental justice!

Go to a Charter Commission Meeting!

Join one of two public hearings scheduled for November and give feedback on the City Attorney’s draft amendments!

Submit a written comment

Draft amendments will be released November 10th; submit a written comment to the Charter Commission by 7:00 PM on November 28th.


Thank you to everyone who voted for climate, environmental, economic, and racial justice. Our work doesn't stop with this election. We will keep fighting for the just, resilient future we deserve, calling on our elected officials to fight alongside us. Because the climate crisis is here and now, and there's no time to lose.

In gratitude,

350PDX Staff -- Anissa, Brenna, Chris, Dineen, Eloise, Emily, Indi, Julia


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